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Historian and archivist.
legendary Irish king; ancestor of the Laigin; sometimes given as a son of Cobthach Cáem, son of Rechtaid Rígderg (high-king).
legendary king of Munster, father of Mug Núadat and ancestor figure for Munster dynasties, the Éoganachta in particular
legendary king of Munster; father of Ailill Ólomm and grandfather of Éogan Mór; ancestor of the Éoganacht. His main rival in the sources is Conn Cétchathach, with whom he comes to an arrangement: to divide Ireland into a northern half (Leth Cuinn) and a southern half (Leth Moga).

Mug Roith See: Mog Ruith

Mug Ruith See: Mog Ruith

daughter of Eochaid Feidlech and wife of Conchobar mac Nessa
one of Díarmait mac Cerbaill's wives and mother of Áed Sláine
The first slave-woman or cumal in Ireland, according to the early Irish legal tract Bretha im fhuillema gell.
Abbot of Iona and supposed author of a number of vernacular Irish poems. His obit in AFM remembers him as ‘scribe/writer and bishop, sage of the three divisions’ (scribhnidh ⁊ epscop, saoi na t-Tri Rand).
The name Mugrón occurs in a number of textual attributions where the identity of the intended author cannot be ascertained. The references may be to Mugrón, abbot of Iona, to Mugrón of Tuam, or someone else entirely.
leth-rí Connacht (AU).
Mugrón son of Sochlachán, king of the Uí Maini
  • d. 1032 (AFM)
  • Túaim Dá Gúalann
Mugrón úa Níoc, abbot of Tuam; presumably the Mugrón ‘of Tuam’ (Tuaim dá Gualann) to whom a poem is attributed in the Book of Lecan version of Sex aetates mundi.
  • s. xx–xxi

Muirchertach ... Mac Líacc See: Mac Líacc [Muirchertach]