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Morna, father of Goll and founder of the Clann Morna; said in Macgnímartha Finn to be a son of Eochu Find, son of Coirpre Galach, son of Muiredach.

Mórrígan See: The Morrígan

deity or supernatural figure in medieval Irish literature, frequently associated with war and destruction; she sometimes appears as part of a triad with Macha and the Badb; also associated with Nemain.

Morrígu See: The Morrígan

  • d. 1977
  • 1833–1907
  • Carmarthen
Welsh poet who wrote in English, great-grandson of his better known namesake.
Welsh scholar and land surveyor. He and his brother Richard founded the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion.
Welsh antiquary, brother of Lewis, William and John Morris, and founder of the Cymmrodorion Society.
Humanist scholar and collector and copier of manuscripts.
Welsh antiquary and botanist, brother of Lewis, Richard and John Morris.
Breton scholar.
  • 1565/66–1630
English official, traveller and travel writer born in Lincolnshire, who is best known for his Itenerary (1617),a multi-volume work in which he offers descriptions of and observations on the many lands he visited abroad. This includes an account of his experiences in Ireland, where he had been secretary to Lord Mountjoy, the Lord Deputy of Ireland.
  • s. xx–xxi
  • c.1651–1692?
  • Gloddaith
Sir Thomas Mostyn, 2nd baronet, was a Welsh antiquarian and collector who assembled a large private collection of Welsh manuscripts.

Trappist monastery founded in 1833 on the slopes of Knockmealdown Mountains (Co. Waterford), near Cappoquin.