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  • 20 December 1858–11 October 1919
Irish scribe.
Apparently from míach ‘measure (bushel, sack) of corn / grain’; a mythological figure of Irish literature, a son of Dían Cécht and brother to Airmed
Archangel in Christianity and other Abrahamic religions.

A nomadic people in the Old Testament, who are said to have descended from Midian son of Abraham and inhabited the region of Midian in northwestern Arabia. Numbers 31 tells of a war in which the Israelites attacked and defeated the Midianites, killing all the men and boys.

one of the Túatha Dé Danann in early Irish literature
in Irish pseudo-historical tradition, father of the Milesian invaders of Ireland, hence ancestor of the Goídil
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  • 1922–2006
Irish Franciscan priest and historian.