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Uí Fhlannagáin (Deidre) See: Deirdre Flanagan

Early Irish dynasty based in Munster whose kingdom was situated in what is now roughly south-east Cork. Eochu Liathán, son of Dáire Cerbba, is the eponymous ancestor from whom the Uí Liatháin claimed descent.

Early Irish dynasty of Leinster, whose territory corresponded roughly with the plain of the river Liffey, extending south to Baltinglass.

A people or dynasty found among the Uí Fhailge in Leinster; said to have been conquered by Rus Failge (Timna Chathaír Máir); mentioned as the people of Finn’s father Cumall; in LGÉ, said to be of non-Goidelic origin and assigned to the legendary Fir Bolg (cf. the placename Glaise Bulgáin / Bulga).
A people and kingdom in early Ireland, from which the province of Ulster takes its name.

Ultán moccu Chonchobair See: Ultán of Ardbraccan

  • d. 657
  • Ard Breccáin
Irish poet and saint, abbot at Ard Breccáin (Ardbraccan) in Co. Meath.