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  • 1793–1879
  • County Armagh, Ballykeel ... Co. Armagh
Irish scholar, scribe and poet.

Mac Bruaideadha (Conchobhar) See: Conchubhar Mac Bruaideadha

  • fl. 1631–1636
  • Leitir Maoláin, Sliabh Calláin
Irish scholar, son of Maoilín Óg Mac Bruaideadha and one-time head of the Clann Bhruaideadha; led the school at Lettermoylan on Slieve Callan (Co. Clare).
Irish bardic poet; also the author of a book of annals now lost but used by the Four Masters.

Mac Bruaideadha (Tadgh mac Dáire) See: Tadhg mac Dáire Mac Bruaidín

  • fl. late 16th c./early 17th c.
  • County Clare, Leitir Maoláin
Irish Gaelic family of historians and poets based in Co. Clare.

Mac Bruaidheadha family See: Mac Bruaideadha family

  • b. c.1570, d. in or after 1625
  • Cnoc an Albanaigh
Irish poet and genealogist of Co. Clare, ollamh to Donnchadh Ó Briain, 4th earl of Thomond; killed by one of Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers.

Mac Bruideadha family See: Mac Bruaideadha family

Mac Bruidheadha family See: Mac Bruaideadha family

Mac Caírthinn mac Cainnig See: Mac Caírthinn of Clogher

Mac Caírthinn mac Cainnig

Mac Carraic (Éinrí) See: Héinrí Mac Carraic

  • fl. 18th century
  • County Sligo, Sligo (town)
Irish scribe from the town of Sligo.
  • d. 1148 × 1156
  • Regensburg, abbey of St James
Third abbot of St James of Regensburg, believed to have been a Munsterman of the Mac Carthaig family of Desmond.
Fínghin (Fínghin; Fínghean) Mac Cárthaigh Riabhach of Cairbre, head of the Cairbre branch of the Mac Cárthaigh Riabhach family; patron who commissioned the compilation of the Book of Lismore