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  • 1945–2018
daughter of Finn mac Cumaill
Aí (‘poetic inspiration, learning’) mac Olloman, a minor character of the Túatha Dé Danann, whose father Ollam (‘chief poet’) is sometimes identified as a son of Delbáeth.
‘Little Flame’; in the Acallam na senórach, one of the angels (the other being Solusbrethach ‘Light of Judgment’) who instruct Patrick on the virtues of listening to and recording Fenian tales, relieving him of some of his religious scruples.
  • d. 651
  • Lindisfarne
Irish missionary and monk, who was founder and first bishop of Lindisfarne and gained a reputation for having spread the faith in Northumbria.
One of Midir’s daughters in Acallam na senórach.
folt-fhind ‘of the fair hair’, in Acallam na senórach, wife of Muiredach mac Fínnachta.
Character in the Ulster Cycle of Irish literature, notably the tragic tale Aided óenfir Aífe. When the Ulster hero Cú Chulainn stays in Alba to receive training-in-arms from Scáthach (her mother or sister), Aífe has an affair with him and later gives birth to his only son. In the Yellow Book of Lecan version, Aífe is called a daughter of one Ardgeimm.
  • Síd ar Femen
A character mentioned in Acallam na senórach as the eponym of Slíab Aige, which later became known as Slíab na mBan (Finn) (Slievenamon).
Lapdog in the Dinnshenchas of Alend
daughter of Cormac mac Airt; wooed by Finn mac Cumaill in the tale of Tochmarc Ailbe.
  • supp. fl. 5th/early 6th century
  • Imlech Ibair
Patron saint of Imlech Ibair (Emly, Co. South Tipperary), remembered as one of the pre-Patrician saints of Munster.

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