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Fulartach son of Fíngen, minor character in Acallam na sénorach, ‘king of the kingdoms of Brega and Mide’, only mentioned in passing on ll. 312-313 of Stokes’s edition.

Fulartach of Clonard See: Fulartach of Dysart

  • Clúain Eraird, Dísert (Fulartaig) ... Dysart (Co. Kildare)
Fulartach mac Bricc, patron saint of Dísert Fulartaig, now probably Dysart (Co. Kildare). AFM give Fulartach ‘son of Brecc, the anchorite’ an obit of 755. Ó Riain has suggested that he is ultimately identical with the Fulartach who was bishop at Clonard (d. 779, AU), but also points out that the divergence in their obits and possibly, feastdays is somewhat problematic.
  • s. xx–xxi
  • Clúain Brónaig
reputed, late 7th-century founder of Clúain Brónaig (Clonbroney, Co. Longford)
Son of Conchobar mac Nessa (king of the Ulaid) in the Ulster Cycle of tales
  • fl. 7th century
  • Péronne, Cnobheresburg, Lagny, Lugmad
Irish monk and missionary