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Máel Muru of Othain See: Máel Muru Othna

  • d. 887
  • Othain ... Fahan, Co. Donegal
Early Irish poet and historian, who was apparently attached to the monastery of Othain (now Fahan, Inishowen barony, Co. Donegal), as his epithet suggests

Máel Odráin ... poet See: Máel Odráin [poet]

  • d. 792
  • Tamlachta
Founding bishop-abbot of the monastery of Tallaght (Ir. Tamlacht, Co. Dublin) and a pioneer and leader of a kind of monastic reform that inspired the emergence of the Céli Dé.

Máel Ruba See: Máel Rubai

  • d. 722
  • Bennchor ... Bangor, Apor Crossan ... Applecross
Abbot and founder of the monastery of Apor Crossan (Applecross, Scotland), commemorated as a saint in Irish and Scottish sources.

Máel Sechnaill II See: Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill

King of Mide and high-king of Ireland from the Clann Cholmáin branch of the Uí Néill.
high-king of Ireland from the Clann Cholmáin sept of the Uí Néill
Irish scholar, whose obit (1031) is recorded in the Annals of Inisfallen and Annals of the Four Masters. In the latter compilaton, he is called a confessor (anmchara) of Brían Bóruma but there is some doubt whether this description actually applies to him or to his earlier namesake, Máel Suthain Úa Cerbaill (d. 1010).
According to Fingal Rónáin, a son of Máel Fothartaig.