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  • Cell Máele Cétair
Máel Cétair mac Rónáin, patron saint of Cell Máele Cétair (now Kilmalkedar, Co. Kerry)

Máel Dala See: Maol Dala

king of Ailech from the Cenél nEógain; son of Áed Allán
a king of Munster from the Eóganacht Locha Léin.
Tragic hero in the tale of Fingal Rónáin, according to which he was a son of the king of Leinster, Rónán, and was slain at his behest after false allegations of sexually assaulting the king’s new wife (Máel Fothartaig’s stepmother).
“Mael Mór is said to have been variously the half-brother, foster-brother, or tutor of Diarmait mac Fergusa Cherrbéoil, the kinsman and successor of Tuathal.” (Thornton, David E., Kings, chronologies, and genealogies (2003): 207).