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Thomas fitz John FitzGerald, 6th (or 5th) earl of Desmond, son of John fitz Gerald FitzGerald, 4th earl of Desmond. Since he was still a minor when his father died (1399), his uncle Maurice fitz Gerald took custody of the earldom until Thomas was of age. He acceded in 1401 but was deposed and banished by another uncle, James fitz Gerald, in 1411.
Thomas fitz James FitzGerald, 8th (or 7th) earl of Desmond, son of James fitz Gerald FitzGerald and Mary, daughter of Uilleag Burke.
Leading family in Ireland, originally Anglo-Norman or Cambro-Norman, that produced the earls of Desmond.
  • c.1300–1360
  • Ard Macha, Oxford, Balliol College, Avignon
Archbishop of Armagh (1347-1360), theologian and author.

FitzSimon (Henry) See: Henry Fitzsimon

FitzSimon (Simon) See: Symon Simeonis

  • 1566–1643
Irish Jesuit exile

Flagrius See: Philargyrius

  • s. xx–xxi
servant carrying Finn’s fidchell board in Acallam na senórach. See also Gúaire Goll.
  • 1932–1984
Irish scholar and place-name expert.

Flanagan (Marie Therese) See: Marie Therese Flanagan

  • d. 715
  • Ard Macha
Flann Feblae, son of Scandlán, abbot of Armagh