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Gelasius ... Gilla Meic Liac See: Gilla Meic Liac

(Lat. Gelonus, Greek Γελωνός), eponymous ancestor of the Geloni in classical mythology; son of Hercules/Heracles and Echidna and a brother of Agathyrsus and Scythes.
  • s. xx–xxi
  • s. xx–xxi
  • s. xx–xxi

Gerald de Barry See: Gerald of Wales

  • c. 1146–1220 x 1223
  • d. c. 448 or c. 437
  • Britain, Saint-Germain d'Auxerre
bishop of Auxerre (Gaul), who was sent to Britain in c. 429/430 to oppose Pelagianism; commemorated as a saint.
  • s. xx–xxi
  • s. xx–xxi
  • d. 659
  • Nivelles
Abbess of Nivelles in present-day Belgium, which she founded with her mother, Itta wife of Pippin I (maior domus in Austrasia).
  • 1150s–d. in/after 1222
  • 1669–1748
British clergyman and antiquary, who became bishop of Lincoln (in 1716) and London (in 1723). He produced an English translation of William Camden’s Britannia (1695) which included much additional material, with help from other scholars, such as Edward Lhuyd.

Giddy (Davies) See: Davies Gilbert