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Cairell mac Curnáin See: Cairell Sen mac Curnáin

sons of the king of Dál Araide, mentioned briefly in Acallam na senórach (prose and verse). The occurrence of Cáem in the poem may also refer to an epithet attached to Cairell rather than a separate name.
legendary princess from Britain, known as the wife of Eochaid Múgmedón and mother of Níall Noígíallach; sometimes identified more nearly as Cairenn Chasdub, daughter of Sachell (or Scál) Balb, king of the Saxons; also identified as Cairenn Cruithnech (MD IV: 118).
  • Tuilén ... Dulane, Co. Meath
patron saint of Tulén (Dulane, Co. Meath) and likely to be an Irish version of the British saint Carannog
Character mentioned in a poem of the Acallam na senórach, beg. Finnaidh dun in lín atám, which occurs in the context of a narrative about the battle of Ollarba.
Character of the Túatha Dé Danann mentioned as the father of three sons, Ogma, Fás and Fíamain, in Cath Muige Tuired Cunga
Father of Créide in AnS
mentioned as the father of Finn’s paternal grandfather Trénmór and son of Fíachu Fobricc
Cairbre/Coirpre Nia Fer, king of Tara from the Laigin, whose reign is dated by Tírechán to the time of Mac Con and his sons, but which in later tales coincides with the time of the Ulster Cycle.
daughter of Thomas Fitzgerald (d. 1468), eighth earl of Desmond, and wife of Fínghin Mac Carthaigh Riabhach (d. 1505). She and her husband were credited as patrons of the Book of Lismore.