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  • d. 1778
  • Strathmore
Scottish Gaelic poet.
  • fl. 1640s
A Franciscan friar known chiefly as the author of an Itinerary of Ireland (written in c.1644) and an account of Sanda Island.

MacCarrick (Henry) See: Héinrí Mac Carraic

MacClancy family See: Mac Fhlannchadha family

  • s. xx–xxi

MacCurtin (Hugh) See: Aodh Buí Mac Cruitín

MacDonald (Coll Ciotach) See: Colla Ciotach

  • 1729–1824
  • Kilmore ... Argyll
Minister at Kilmore in Argyll and a collector of Gaelic music.

MacDonnell (Charles P.) See: Charles P. Mac Donnell

MacEgans See: Mac Aodhagáin family

MacEntee (Máire) See: Máire Mhac an tSaoi

  • 1870–1950
Irish Jesuit scholar and church historian.

MacGinty (Francis P.) See: Gerard MacGinty

  • s. xx–xxi
al. Francis P. MacGinty OSB.