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  • fl. c.815 and later
Anonymous grammarian, probably of Irish origin, who worked on the continent and produced a grammatical treatise structured as a series of questions and answers, with ample citations from standard grammars such as Donatus and Priscian. The title Donatus ortigraphus is also applied as a shorthand for the work itself.
Irish poet; son of Cú Brettan mac Congusso
  • Cúailnge ... Cooley, Co. Louth
The fertile brown bull of Cúailnge (Cooley, Co. Louth) in the Táin and foretales.
High-king of Ireland from the Clann Cholmáin branch of the southern Uí Néill, son of Flann Sinna.
son of Brían Bóruma
  • 1878–1952
  • County Armagh
Catholic priest who successively ministered in Eglish, Dromintee, Creggan and Loughgall, and a collector of Irish tunes and songs, who recorded some of them on Ediphone wax cylinders during his time in Dromintee and Creggan.
archbishop of Tuam
  • s. xx–xxi

Dorbbéne mac Altaíni See: Dorbéne mac Altaíni

  • ob. 713
  • Iona
Abbot of Iona for only a brief period of time in 713, the year in which he died. He is commonly identified with the scribe Dorbbeneus who signs his name in the Schaffhausen manuscript of the Vita sancti Columbae.