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Mac Oghannain (Pádruic) See: Pádruic Mac Oghannan

  • s. xvii2
  • County Down
Pátruic Mac Oghannan/Oghannain, Irish scribe

Mac Piarais (Pádraig Anraí) See: Patrick Pearse

  • 6th century? (unknown)
  • Cell Mac Reithe
patron saint of Cell Mac Reithe (Kilmacreehy, Co. Clare) and Cell mac nAingin (Ballynakill, Co. Galway)

Mac Róigh (Feargus) See: Énrí Ó Muirgheasa

one, two or even several legendary figures of the same name; if the available references are to one and the same person, he is a warrior, member of a fían, as well as a judge or sage, whose persona could be invoked as the author of a number of textual passages; Finn’s judge in the poem Fégthar tech Fhinn a nAlmhain. The tale lists mention an Aided Meic Samáin, now lost.

Mac Sámain See: Mac Samáin

  • fl. early 15th century
Robeartus Mac Síthigh, Irish scribe, known as one of the three that wrote parts of the Book of Ballymote (RIA MS 23 P 12) under the tutelage of Domnall Mac Aedhagáin.
  • fl. early 18th century
  • Teach Challáin ... Stackallan (Co. Meath)
Irish scribe, of Stackallan (Co. Meath)

Mac Solaimh (Seón) See: Seón Mac Solaidh

Mac Solly (John) See: Seón Mac Solaidh

character in The trial of Mac Teléne.

MacAdam (Robert Shipboy) See: Roibeard Mac Ádhaimh

MacAdam (Robert) See: Roibeard Mac Ádhaimh