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  • fl. second half of the 14th century
  • Santiago de Compostella, Anglesey
Welsh bardic poet from Anglesey, known for writing cywyddau. Best known are those which engage in debate with Dafydd ap Gwilym, two elegies for this poet and a poem in recollection of his pilgrimage to Santagio de Compostella.
  • c.1490–1552
  • Flintshire
Welsh administrator and soldier as well as a chronicler and translator, who is probably known for having compiled an extensive Welsh-language chronicle of world history.
Welsh scholar.
  • d. 1614
  • Ruthin hospital, Longstone ... Monmouth
Welsh clergyman and collector of manuscripts.

Gryffyth (Jasper) See: Jaspar Gryffyth

Gúaire Aidne (‘of Aidne’) mac Colmáin, king of Connacht from the Uí Fhiachrach; son of Colmán mac Cobthaig (d. 622)
servant in charge of carrying Finn’s fidchell board
According to Adomnán’s life of Columba, a powerful chieftain in Dál Riata whose death was prophesied by the saint. The prophecy’s laconic detail that he will be killed by his companion comes true when by some unfortunate accident, Gúaire fatally wounds himself with his own knife.

Guasacht maccu Buáin See: Guasacht of Granard

  • Gránard ... Granard, Co. Longford
Guasacht maccu Buáin (late 5th century), patron saint of Gránard (Granard, Co. Longford)

Guegen (Tanguy) See: Tanguy Gueguen

Breton Catholic priest. organist and writer from Léon.

Guéguen (Tanguy) See: Tanguy Gueguen

Guénolé See: Gwenolé

  • 1812–1895
British aristocrat, businesswoman and scholar, chiefly known for her pioneering work on the Mabinogion.