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  • c.1490–1552
  • Flintshire
Welsh administrator and soldier as well as a chronicler and translator, who is probably known for having compiled an extensive Welsh-language chronicle of world history.
Welsh scholar.
  • d. 1614
  • Ruthin hospital, Longstone ... Monmouth
Welsh clergyman and collector of manuscripts.

Gryffyth (Jasper) See: Jaspar Gryffyth

Gúaire Aidne (‘of Aidne’) mac Colmáin, king of Connacht from the Uí Fhiachrach; son of Colmán mac Cobthaig (d. 622)
servant in charge of carrying Finn’s fidchell board

Guasacht maccu Buáin See: Guasacht of Granard

  • Gránard ... Granard, Co. Longford
Guasacht maccu Buáin (late 5th century), patron saint of Gránard (Granard, Co. Longford)

Guegen (Tanguy) See: Tanguy Gueguen

Breton Catholic priest. organist and writer from Léon.

Guéguen (Tanguy) See: Tanguy Gueguen

Guénolé See: Gwenolé

Guethnow See: Goueznou

  • 1941–2004