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Husband of Máire, daughter of Isibéal Ní Bhriain and Somhairle Mac Domhnaill, with whom he resided at Cluain Fhíneach (also written as Cluainíneach, now tl. Clooneenagh, Co. Clare).

Mac Mhuirich (Cathal) See: Cathal Mac Muireadhaigh

  • fl. first half of the 17th century
Gaelic poet and scribe.
king of Leinster, son of Donnchad Mac Murchada (d. 1115)

Mac Nisse mac Faíbrig See: Mac Nisse of Connor

  • d. 507/8?
  • Condere ... (Co. Antrim)
Mac Nisse (mac Faíbrig), early Irish saint of the Cruithne, patron of Condere (Connor, Co. Antrim), who is portrayed in the Tripartite Life of St Patrick as a contemporary of that saint.

Mac Óc See: Óengus mac ind Óc

Mac Oghannain (Pádruic) See: Pádruic Mac Oghannan

  • s. xvii2
  • County Down
Pátruic Mac Oghannan/Oghannain, Irish scribe