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king of Cenél Conaill
  • s. xx / s. xxi
ancestor figure of the Ulaid, e.g. as the ancestor of the Clann(a) Rudraige in Táin bó Flidais; identified in LGÉ as a son of Sitric (mac Sithrigi)
ruler of the Fir Bolg; ruler of Ulster
son of Partholón
Roman author whose poem Ora maritima is thought to draw on the Massaliote Periplus, a hypothetical Greek text written for merchants from Marseilles (Massilia).
Ruman (Rumann) mac Colmáin

Rumann mac Colmáin See: Ruman mac Colmáin

  • 1852–1928
  • County Monaghan, Monaghan
Irish lawyer, historian and author of several books on the history of Monaghan.
Ancestor of the Uí Failge; son of Cathaír Mór
Obscure ancestor figure in tales of the Ulster Cycle and material related to the Laigin; variously claimed as the father of Ailill mac Máta, Fergus mac Róich, Cairpre Nia Fer (high-king of Ireland from the Laigin), Find Fili (king of Leinster) and Fachtna Fáthach; sometimes identified as a son of Rudraige.
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • d. 1973
  • s. xx / s. xxi