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Erard mac Coise See: Urard mac Coise

Erard of Regensburg See: Erhard of Regensburg

Erc, son of Cairpre Nia Fer (king of Tara) and Fedelm ... daughter of Conchobar mac Nessa; eponym of Duma nEirc

Erc mac Dega See: Erc of Slane

Erc mac Dega, patron saint of Slane

Ercnat ingen Dáire See: Ercnat of Duneane

  • fl. 5th–6th century
  • Dún Dá Én
patron saint of Dún Dá Én (Duneane parish, Toome, Co. Antrim)
  • fl. 7th/?8th century
  • Regensburg, Niedermünster
Bishop of Regensburg, of whom little is known historically. His relics were translated in 1052 and a life was written for him not long thereafter which claimed that he was a missionary from Ireland.

Ernod (Emil) See: Émile Ernault

Esbaid ... son of Úar See: Aincél, Dígbál and Esbaid [sons of Úar]

  • s. xx–xxi
  • s. xx–xxi