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Sechnall mac Restitiúit See: Sechnall of Dunshaughlin

  • fl. 9th century
  • Liège cathedral, Lorsch abbey
Irish scriptural scholar, teacher, grammarian and poet who made a career in Francia and became a leading intellectual figure at the court of Charles the Bald.
  • fl. c.14th century, second half
  • Anglesey
Welsh poet.
  • ob. 652
  • Iona
Fifth abbot of Iona, in succession to Fergno Britt.

Ségéne mac Fíachnaí See: Ségéne mac Fiachna

Ségéne of Iona See: Ségéne mac Fiachna

Semeonis (Symon) See: Symon Simeonis

  • Múscraige of Ormond
saint described as ‘bishop’ among the Múscraige. Feastday unknown unless he is the saint of the same name commemorated together with Gobnait of Duhallow on 11 February.
Senán mac Geirrcinn, patron saint of Inis Cathaig (Scattery Island, Co. Clare)

Senán of Scattery Island See: Senán of Inis Cathaig