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  • c.1503–1552
English antiquary and poet.
  • 1722–1785
Irish historian
  • 1943–2012
English officer of arms, antiquarian and genealogist. In 1620, he and Sir Henry St George served as William Camden’s deputies in Cornwall and Devon, and visits to three further English counties were made in 1623.
  • s. xii
  • Mallersdorf abbey
A 12th-century nun of Mallersdorf, a daughter-house of Niedermünster in Bavaria, who according to one late source, was of Irish origin (de gente Scotorum), knew four languages (Irish, Latin, Greek and German) and had a reputation as a scribe, so much so that the monk Laiupold recorded her anniversary.
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • 1889–1968
Welsh scholar; professor of Welsh Language and Literature at the University College of Swansea (1921-1954).
  • d. 1615/1616
  • Radnorshire, Llynwene
Welsh barrister and historian. He was author of a History of Great-Britain, which did not appear in print until 1729.
  • 1893–1985
Welsh poet and dramatist, politican and historian

Lewis Glyn Cothi See: Lewys Glyn Cothi

  • d. 1966