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A son of Finn mac Cumaill
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  • 1787–1832
Danish linguist
First earl of Moira (Co. Down)
  • 1690–1755
English clergyman, antiquarian and collector of books and manuscripts; brother of Thomas Rawlinson (1681–1725), whose collection he inherited and catalogued. After his death, he left his numerous books and manuscripts to the Bodleian Library in Oxford.
  • 1675–1726
  • Ballyloughrane
Irish Protestant minister, scholar and patron of native Irish scholars
  • fl. late 8th / early 9th century
Old Irish poet
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  • s. xx / s. xxi
  • 1815–1892
Irish antiquarian scholar; bishop of the Anglican see of Down, Connor and Dromore; keeper of the Armagh Public Library