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  • d. 1040
  • Lis Mór
Irish religious, described in AU as cenn Eorpa im crabad ⁊ im ecna and the Annals of Clonmacnoise as ‘anchorite of all Ireland ... that had the hearing of all the cawses of Ireland’, who was closely associated with and died at Lismore.
Early Irish population group, whose territory was roughly coterminous with the Dingle and Iveragh peninsulas (Co. Kerry) and surrounding lands.

A client people of the Uí Fhidgente.

  • supp. fl. 5th century
  • Quimper, Plomodiern, Quimper cathedral
Patron saint and first bishop of Quimper.
son of Ailill Ólomm and brother of Éogan, the eponymous ancestor of the Éoganachta. His appearance in the sources or that of his epithet Cas(s) has been related to the rise of the Dál Cais in the tenth century at the expense of the Éoganachta: by grafting an ancestor of their own to the Éoganacht genealogy, it sought to bolster rival claims to the kingship of Munster.
warrior in tales of the Ulster Cycle; son of the Ulster king Conchobar mac Nessa; in exile in Connacht
ancestor in genealogies of the Laigin; son of Cú Corb; a quo Dáil Cor(b)maic (Luisc/Loisc), one of the four main divisions of the Laigin
Legendary high-king of Ireland; son of Art son of Conn Cétchathach; contemporary of Finn mac Cumaill.
bishop and king of Munster
  • Cell Alaid
early Irish saint