• supp. fl. c.6th century
  • Feast-day: 18 July
  • Lothian
  • saints of Scotland
  • (agents)
Teneu, Taneu or Thenew, etc., mother of St Kentigern and a saint in her own right, whose name is attested in a number of church dedications in the Glasgow area. According to the Lives of St Kentigern, she was the daughter of a British king in the north.

See also: Kentigern
(d. 612x614)
Patron saint of the diocese of Glasgow, also known by his pet-name Mungo who is described as a Briton, son of St Teneu (Thaney) of Lothian and British chieftain Owain. He may have been based on the female saint Caintigern.

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The database that has been assembled presents the fruits of our research. It contains over 5000 places, 13,000 place-names, and some 750 saints potentially commemorated in these names. The backbone of the database are records drawn from the Ordnance Survey 1st Edition 6" maps, produced from 1843 to 1882. All names we could identify from these maps likely to commemorate saints, and many unlikely to but nonetheless worth considering, have been harvested for the database, and linked to the current map forms of the names, where they are still current. We harvested many other sources for earlier historical forms: earlier maps, monastic cartularies, the Register of the Great Seal, antiquarian accounts. This process of historical harvesting is not complete, but we aim to continue to augment the site through periodic harvesting and uploading of selected documents. We would be happy to hear from individuals willing to help us in filling out our historically recorded forms. At present, as well as information about the places recorded, and historical forms of names, we have identified where possible and applicable the saint or saints who may be commemorated in the place-names. We have been careful to indicate our level of confidence in these identifications. We have also excluded many of the names recorded here as not containing saints' names. Those which have been identified as having saints' names have an [S] symbol after them. There are also entries on individual saints and groups of saints. These records too are being augmented, and should become incrementally fuller over the next few months. One major analytical tool not yet available is the detailed analysis of each name, according to the meaning of its individual elements. This is work in progress.
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