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Siddons, Michael Powell, Welsh genealogies A.D. 1500–1600, Aberystwyth: CMCS Publications, 2017.  

In Welsh Genealogies A.D. 1500-1600 (WG 3) Dr Michael Siddons extends the pedigrees of Dr Peter Bartrum's celebrated Welsh Genealogies 300-1400 (WG 1) and Welsh Genealogies 1400-1500 (WG 2) down to c. 1600 — many persons born in the early 1600s are included — and adds about two hundred new family lines. WG 2 took up 18 large printed volumes, and WG 3 would be even longer, if issued entirely in printed form. WG 3 is therefore divided between a printed volume and a disk at the back of the book, the two being designed to be used together.

Siddons, Michael Powell, “Heraldry”, in: J. Beverley Smith, and Llinos Beverley Smith (eds), A history of Merioneth, vol. 2: Middle Ages, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2001. 629–648.


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