Robert of Poppleton

  • fl. 14th century
  • York, Carmelite priory, Hulne, Carmelite priory
  • friars
  • (agents)
Carmelite friar, who had been a brother of the priory at York and later became prior of the Carmelite friary at Hulne, near Alnwick (Northumberland). He oversaw and probably contributed to the compilation of BNF lat. 4126, the so-called Poppleton manuscript.

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Carmelite friars
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Hulne, Carmelite priory
Hulne, Carmelite priory

Carmelite priory in Denwick, near Alnwick, Northumberland), founded c.1242 by William II de Vescy.

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York, Carmelite prioryYork, Carmelite priory
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