Mo Ling

  • d. 697
  • feast-day: 17 June
  • saints of Ireland
  • Ferna, Tech Mo Ling
Irish saint, abbot and patron saint of Tech Mo Ling (St Mullins, Co. Carlow) and reputed ‘bishop’ of Ferna (Ferns).

See also: FernaFerna ... Ferns
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Máedóc of FernsMáedóc of Ferns
(fl. 7th century)
Áedán of Ferns
founder and patron saint of Ferna (Ferns, Co. Wexford), later also a patron saint of Drumlane, Co. Cavan, and later still of Rossinver, Co. Leitrim.
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Suibne GeiltSuibne Geilt
(supp. fl. 6th/7th century)
Suibhne Geilt, Suibne mac Colmáín Chúair
A king of Dál nAraide who figures most prominently in the tale Buile Shuibhne.
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Tech Mo LingTech Mo Ling ... St Mullins, St Mullin's
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