Messingham (Thomas)

  • c.1575–1638?
  • clergy, authors
  • (agents)
Churchman and hagiographer who was born into an Old English family in Meath, studied at the Irish college at Douai and became a rector at the Irish college of Paris. He published a hagiographic collection entitled Florilegium insulae sanctorum (Paris, 1624).
Messingham, Thomas, Florilegium insulae sanctorum: seu vitae et acta sanctorum Hiberniae, Paris, 1624.
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Messingham, Thomas, Officia SS. Patricii, Columbae, Brigidae et aliorum quorundam Hiberniae sanctorum: ex ueteribus membranis et manuscriptis breuiariis desumpta atque ad normam officii Romani repurgata, Paris, 1620.


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