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See also: Cairpre Nia FerCairpre Nia Fer
Cairbre/Coirpre Nia Fer, king of Tara from the Laigin, whose reign is dated by Tírechán to the time of Mac Con and his sons, but which in later tales coincides with the time of the Ulster Cycle.
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Cathaír MórCathaír Mór
(time-frame ass. with Cathaír Mór)
Cathaír Mór (earlier Catháer Már), legendary high-king of Ireland, ancestor figure of the Laigin
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Labraid LoingsechLabraid Loingsech
Labraid Lorc, Labraid Móen
(time-frame ass. with Irish legendary history)
also Labraid Lorc or Labraid Móen, legendary Irish king, son of Ailill Áine; regarded as an ancestor of the Laigin
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Núadu NechtNúadu Necht
(time-frame ass. with Finn mac Cumaill, Conaire Mór, Núadu Necht, Eterscél Mór)
legendary king and ancestor of the Laigin;
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