• Ard Ladrann
In Irish legendary history, chiefly Lebor gabála Érenn, Ladra or Ladru is one of the men who accompanied Cesair or Banba to Ireland as well as the first man to die in Ireland. Ard Ladrann (possibly Ardamine, near Gorey, Co. Wexford) is said to be named for him.

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(time-frame ass. with Irish legendary history)
Banba is a designation for Ireland as a whole, though  “[o]rig. name of north Leinster = mag mBreg, hence from British compound *Banno-Magos [...] or from *ban-w-yā as a theonym” (eDIL s.v. Banba), as well as an eponymous character or personification who is said to have given her name to the island; sometimes mentioned along with two sisters, Ériu and Fódla, who did likewise.
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Cessair, Cessair ingen Betha
Cesair or Cessair, daughter of Bíth and granddaughter of Noah
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