Gueguen (Tanguy)

  • d. 1632
  • Guéguen (Tanguy), Gwegen (Tangi), Guegen (Tanguy)
  • priests, authors, musicians
  • (agents)
Breton Catholic priest. organist and writer from Léon.
Gueguen, Tanguy [ed.], A Man ez dez rov an Passion, ha he goude an Resurrection, gant Tremanuan an y tron Maria, hac en divez ezedi buhez mab den, Morlaiz: George Allienne, 1622.
Ledesma, Diego de, Doctrin an christenien: composet gand an tat reverant Ledesme ... Ha translatet a gallec en brezonec, tr. Tanguy Gueguen, Montroulles: George Allienne, 1622.  
Diego de Ledesma’s catechism Dottrina cristiana, translated from French into Breton by Tanguy Gueguen.


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