FitzGerald (Thomas) (6th earl of Desmond)

  • c.1386–1420
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Thomas fitz John FitzGerald, 6th (or 5th) earl of Desmond, son of John fitz Gerald FitzGerald, 4th earl of Desmond. Since he was still a minor when his father died (1399), his uncle Maurice fitz Gerald took custody of the earldom until Thomas was of age. He acceded in 1401 but was deposed and banished by another uncle, James fitz Gerald, in 1411.

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Ev:offices/earl of Desmond#_46e44bffc0e28c5544aebbbcac9eb39fId:earldom of DesmondEv:offices/earl of DesmondId:FitzGerald (Thomas) ... 6th earl of Desmond1401–14111401 JL1411 JL6
See also: FitzGerald (Maurice) [5th earl of Desmond]
FitzGerald (Maurice) ... 5th earl of Desmond
(fl. 1399–1401)
Maurice fitz Gerald FitzGerald, was de facto 5th earl of Desmond (1399-1401) for as long as the legitimate heir, Thomas fitz John FitzGerald, was still a minor.

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FitzGerald dynasty of Desmond
FitzGerald dynasty of Desmond
Leading family in Ireland, originally Anglo-Norman or Cambro-Norman, that produced the earls of Desmond.

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