Conchobar mac Nessa

king of the Ulaid in tales of the Ulster Cycle; son either of Cathbad or Fachtna Fáthach (father) and Ness (mother); husband of Mugain; father of Cormac Cond Longas, Cúscraid Mend Macha, Furbaide Fer Bend and Fedelm Noíchrothach; fosterfather of Cú Chulainn.

See also: CathbadCathbad
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
druid to Conchobar mac Nessa, king of Ulster, in the Ulster Cycle; husband of Ness and possible father of Conchobar mac Nessa.
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Cormac Cond LongasCormac Cond Longas
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
warrior in tales of the Ulster Cycle; son of the Ulster king Conchobar mac Nessa; in exile in Connacht
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Cú ChulainnCú Chulainn
Young Ulster hero and chief character of Táin bó Cuailnge and other tales of the Ulster Cycle; son of Súaltam or Lug and Deichtire (sister to Conchobor); husband of Emer (ingen Forgaill)
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Cúscraid Mend MachaCúscraid Mend Macha
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
warrior in the Ulster Cycle, son of the Ulster king Conchobar mac Nessa.
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Fachtna FáthachFachtna Fáthach
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
In the Ulster Cycle, a king of the Ulaid who is regarded in one strand of the tradition as husband of Ness and father of Conchobar mac Nessa.
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Fedelm [daughter of Conchobar mac Nessa]Fedelm Noíchrothach or Noíchride, daughter of Conchobar mac Nessa
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle, Conall Cernach, Cú Chulainn, Cairpre Nia Fer)
daughter of Conchobar mac Nessa.
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Fergus mac RóichFergus mac Róich
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
warrior in tales of the Ulster Cycle; former king of Ulster in exile in Connacht; Medb’s lover
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Furbaide Fer BendFurbaide Fer Bend
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
Son of Conchobar mac Nessa (king of the Ulaid) in the Ulster Cycle of tales
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Mugain [daughter of Eochaid Feidlech]Mugain ... daughter of Eochaid Feidlech
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle, Eochaid Feidlech)
daughter of Eochaid Feidlech and wife of Conchobar mac Nessa
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Ness ingen Echach SálbuidiNess ingen Echach Sálbuidi
mother of Conchobar (mac Nessa), king of Ulster in the Ulster Cycle, by the druid Cathbad; daughter of Eochaid Sálbuide, a previous king of Ulster
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Discusses the significance of fosterage in the relationship between Conchobar and Cú Chulainn

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