Comgall of Bangor

  • d. 601/602
  • Feast-day: 10 May
  • Bennchor ... Bangor
  • saints of Ireland
  • (agents)
Comgall (mac Sétnai) moccu Araidi, patron saint of Bangor

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Ev:offices/abbot of Bennchor#_448b4352aafffe4deed9a2ad6c464928Id:Bennchor ... BangorEv:offices/abbot of BennchorId:Comgall of Bangord. 10 May, 601 or 602/510 May 605 JL1
See also: Bennchor [Bangor]
Bennchor ... Bangor
County Down
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Finnchú of Brigown
Finnchú of Brigown
(supp. fl. 7th century, d. 655/665?)
patron saint of Brí Gobann (Brigown in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork)

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Máel Rubai
Máel Rubai
(d. 722)
Abbot and founder of the monastery of Apor Crossan (Applecross, Scotland), commemorated as a saint in Irish and Scottish sources.

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