Haliday (William)

  • 1788–1812
  • Halliday (William)
  • Dublin
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Irish linguist and jurist, who in 1808 published, as E[dmund] O'C[onnell], a grammar of Irish (Uraicecht na Gaedhilge).
Keating, Geoffrey, and William Haliday [ed. and tr.], Forus feasa air Erinn: nar a nochtar priomhdhála na hInnse o Pharthalon, go Gabhaltus Gall = A complete history of Ireland, from the first colonization of the island by Parthalon, to the Anglo-Norman invasion, Dublin: John Barlow, 1811.  

An edition of the prologue and first part of Keating’s Foras feasa ar Éirinn, along with an English translation.

Haliday, William [E. O'C.], Uraicecht na Gaedhilge, Dublin: John Barlow, 1808.
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