Bertoldi (Vittorio)

  • d. 1953
  • (agents)
Bertoldi, Vittorio, “Il «gigarus» di Marcello ed il «cicarō» di Petronio”, Études Celtiques 2:3 (1937): 28–32.
Persée – Études Celtiques, vol. 2, fascicule 3, 1937: <link> Persée – Études Celtiques, vol. 2, fascicule 4, 1937: <link>
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Gallica: <link>
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Gallica: <link>
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Gallica: <link>
Bertoldi, V., “Sopravvivenze Galliche nelle Alpi”, Revue Celtique 46 (1929): 16–28.
Gallica: <link>
Bertoldi, Vittorio, “Keltische Wortprobleme: Irisch find-choll = gallisch *alisa”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 17 (1928): 177–192.


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