Ferreiro, Alberto, Simon Magus in patristic, medieval and early modern traditions, Studies in the History of Christian Traditions Series, 125, Leiden: Brill, 2005. xii + 372 pp.

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Simon Magus in patristic, medieval and early modern traditions
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xii + 372
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The volume discusses the post-New Testament Simon Magus from the era of the Church Fathers beginning with Justin Martyr to the early modern era represented in a seventeenth century Baroque relief in the Cathedral of Oviedo, Spain. Sources consulted are artistic, theological texts, historical chronicles, sermons, hagiographies, vernacular literatures, biblical commentaries, and heresiologies. ...
(source: Brill)
Subjects and topics
[1] “Simon Magus: The patristic-medieval traditions and historiography”
[2] “Ten years of editions and publications on New Testament apocrypha”
[3] “Typological portraits of Simon Magus in anti-gnostic sources”
[4] “Simon Peter and Simon Magus in the Acts of Peter and the Passion of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul
[5] “Jerome’s polemic against Priscillian in his Letter to Ctesiphon (133,4)”
[6] “Priscillian and Nicolaitism”
[7] “Simon Magus and Priscillian in the Commonitorium of Vincent of Lérins”
[8] “The fall of Simon Magus in early Christian commentary”
[9] “Simon Magus, dogs, and Simon Peter”
[10] “Simon Magus and Simon Peter in medieval Irish and English legends” [view separate entry]
[11] “Simon Magus, Nicolas of Antioch, and Muhammad”
[12] “Vincent Ferrer’s Beati Petri Apostoli: canonical and apocryphal sources in popular vernacular preaching”
[13] “Pope Clement I, Martin of Tours and Simon Magus in the Cathedral of León, Spain”
[14] “Simon Magus and Simon Peter in a baroque altar relief in the Cathedral of Oviedo, Spain”
[15] “Artistic representations of Simon Magus and Simon Peter in the Princeton Index of Christian Art: with up-to-date inventory and bibliography”
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