Dublin, Trinity College, MS 59 Book of Dimma

  • Latin
  • s. viii
  • Irish manuscripts
  • parchment
A 4. 23
Cat. no. 59
Book of Dimma
Provenance and related aspects
s. viii
Late 8th century, with later additions.
Origin, provenance
Origin: Ireland
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Ros Cré
Ros Cré ... Roscrea
County Tipperary, County North Tipperary
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Probably written at the monastery of Ros Cré (Roscrea, Co. North Tipperary), a foundation of St Crónán.
Hands, scribes
Hands indexed:
Hand (Dianchride) Dianchride [scribe of the Book of Dimma]Dianchride ... scribe of the Book of Dimma
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Hand of addition

The name of Dimma is written on an erasure over previous subscriptions and added to another page.

Codicological information
Palaeographical information
includes three Evangelist portraits


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257 Text of the notes.

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