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Éamon a Búrca Búrc (Éamon)
de Búrc (Éamon)
Irish tailor and storyteller, born in Aird Mhóir, Carna (Co. Galway). Some of his stories were collected by Liam Mac Coisdeala.
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(fl. c.628–704)
Adomnán mac Rónáin was abbot of Iona (r. 679–704) and author of the Latin Life of St Columba and an account of the holy places of the Near East (De locis sanctis). He is credited with the proclamation of the Lex innocentium or Cáin Adomnáin at the Synod of Birr.
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Áed Dub mac SuibniÁed Dub mac Suibni
(d. 588)
A king of Dál nAraide (563-588) who became chiefly known for slaying Díarmait mac Cerbaill, the Uí Néill king of Tara. The deed is depicted in Aided Díarmata meic Cerbaill.
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Áed Findlíath mac NéillÁed Findlíath mac Néill
(d. 879)
King of Ailech and high-king of Ireland (r. 862–879) from the northern Uí Néill (Cenél nEógain); son of Níall Caille.
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Áed mac AinmirechÁed mac Ainmirech
Áed mac Ainmuirech
No short description available
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Áed Oirdnide mac NéillÁed Oirdnide mac Néill
(d. 819)
king of Ailech (r. 788-819) and high-king of Ireland from Cenél nÉogain of the northern Uí Néill; son of Níall Frossach mac Fergaile.
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Mervyn ArchdallArchdall (Mervyn)
Irish Anglican clergyman and antiquary.
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Saint AsaphSaint Asaph
(fl. 6th century)
Welsh saint, patron of St Asaph (W. Llanelwy) and its diocese as well as the nearby Llanasa (Flintshire). It has been suggested that Asaph was originally a local saint associated with Llanasa and that his assocation with Llanelwy and the diocese was a 12th-century innovation. A good part of his dossier is formed by traditions associated with St Kentigern from the 12th century onwards, notably Jocelin’s vita of the latter, according to which the church of the see of St Asaph was originally founded by Kentigern, who appointed Asaph, one of his disciples, as his successor.
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Philip Fitzgerald BarronBarron (Philip Fitzgerald)
Irish-language scholar and activist and Hebraist, born in  Stradbally, Co. Waterford.
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William BethamBetham (William)
(Sir) William Betham, English antiquary and collector of manuscripts; member of the Royal Irish Academy
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Brigit of KildareBrigit of Kildare
(c. 439/452–c. 524/526)
patron saint of Kildare, whose cult spread both within and outside of Ireland.
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Broccán clóenBroccán clóen
(d. 650)
No short description available
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Caimín of Inis CeltraCaimín of Inis Celtra
(d. 654 (AI))
also Caimmíne or Mo Chammóc, patron saint of Inis Celtra (Holy Island in Lough Derg). His feastday is usually given as 24 March.
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Cathal Cú Cen MáthairCathal Cú Cen Máthair
(d. 665/6)
Cú cen Máthair
King of Munster (r. 661-665/6) from the Éoganacht Glendamnach, son of Cathal mac Áedo (d. 628), a previous king of Munster.
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Cellán of PéronneCellán of Péronne
(d. 706)
Cellanus of Péronne
Irish churchman, fourth abbot of St Fursa’s foundation in Péronne, Neustria, in what became Picardy, France. From William of Malmesbury, he is known to have corresponded with Aldhelm. He has been identified as the author of a number of Latin  poems. The Lorsch annals give his obit under 706.
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Cináed úa hArtacáinCináed úa hArtacáin
(d. 975)
Cináed ua hArtacáin;Úa hArtacáin (Cináed)
Middle Irish poet.
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Colmán nepos CracavistColmán ‘nepos Cracavist’
(fl. 9th century?)
Latin Irish poet, possibly of the 9th century, to whom at least two poems are attributed. The peculiar name Colmanus nepos Cracavit has been reinterpreted as a corrupted rubric which originally read Colmanus ep(is)c(opu)s craxavit, ‘Colmán the bishop wrote this’.
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Colmán of LindisfarneColmán, bishop of Lindisfarne
(d. 676)
Irish monk from Iona and bishop of Lindisfarne
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Congalach CnogbaCongalach Cnogba
Congalach mac Maíl Mithig
Congalach Cnogba (‘of Knowth’) son of Máel Mithig, was king of Brega from the Síl nÁedo Sláine branch of the southern Ui Néill and seized the kingship of Tara in 944.
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Thaddeus ConnellanConnellan (Thaddeus)
Ó Coinnialláin (Tadhg)
Irish-language scholar and scribe.
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Crimthann mac ÁedaCrimthann mac Áeda
(ob. 633)
Crimthann Cualann;Crimthann mac Áedo
King of the Leinster of the Uí Máil, son of Áed Díbchíne.
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Dar LugdachDar Lugdach
(d. 525/527)
Der Lugdach;Darlugdach
Second abbess of Kildare.
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Hugh de Lacy [earl of Ulster]De Lacy (Hugh) ... earl of Ulster
(d. 1242)
Anglo-Norman magnate who made a career in Ireland as a soldier and lord and became the first earl of Ulster in 1205. He was the son of Hugh de Lacy (d. 1186), lord of Meath, and his first wife, Rose of Monmouth (Rose de Baderon).
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Hugh de Lacy [lord of Meath]De Lacy (Hugh) ... lord of Meath
(d. 1186)
Magnate, son of Gilbert de Lacy (d. 1163), lord of Weobley, Herefordshire. After he accompanied Henry II on his 1171 visit to Ireland, he was entrusted with the kingdom of Mide.
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Donatus ortigraphusDonatus ortigraphus
(fl. c.815 and later)
Anonymous grammarian, probably of Irish origin, who worked on the continent and produced a grammatical treatise structured as a series of questions and answers, with ample citations from standard grammars such as Donatus and Priscian. The title Donatus ortigraphus is also applied as a shorthand for the work itself.
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Donatus Scottus of FiesoleDonatus Scottus of Fiesole
No short description available
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Donnchad Donn mac FlainnDonnchad Donn mac Flainn
(d. 944)
High-king of Ireland from the Clann Cholmáin branch of the southern Uí Néill, son of Flann Sinna.
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Dúngal of Saint-Denis and PaviaDúngal of Saint-Denis and Pavia
(d. after 827/828)
Irish scholar, teacher and poet known for his career on the continent, who was associated with Saint-Denis, Pavia and Bobbio.
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Fíachna mac BáetáinFíachna mac Báetáin
(fl. early 7th century, d. 626)
Fíachna Find;Fíachna Lurgan
King of Dál nAraide in Ulster and overking of the Ulaid.
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Gerald FitzGerald [3rd earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (Gerald) ... 3rd earl of Desmond
Gerald fitz Maurice FitzGerald, 3rd earl of Desmond, justiciar of Ireland and poet, known as Gearóid Iarla; son of Maurice fitz Thomas FitzGerald.
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Gerald FitzGerald [15th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (Gerald) ... 15th earl of Desmond
Gerald fitz James FitzGerald, 15th (or 14th) earl of Desmond, son of the previous earl James fitz John FitzGerald.
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James fitz Gerald FitzGerald [16th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (James fitz Gerald) ... 16th earl of Desmond
Tower Earl;Queen's Earl
16th (or 15th earl) of Desmond, only son and successor of the previous earl Gerald and Eleanor Butler.
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James fitz Thomas FitzGerald [16th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (James fitz Thomas) ... 16th earl of Desmond
(d. 1607)
James fitz Thomas FitzGerald, called the súgán (straw-rope) earl of Desmond and styled the 16th (or 15th) earl, was son of Sir Thomas fitz James FitzGerald, who despite being bastardised aspired to the title of earl of Desmond in opposition to his half-brother Gerald and fought for the English Crown. After Gerald’s death, the Crown dissolved the earldom in favour of a Munster plantation, but faced an uprising led in part by Hugh O'Neill, earl of Tyrone. Where James had previously turned to the Crown in the hope of becoming earl of Desmond, he accepted that title from the rebels. In the ensuing years, however, he experienced great difficulty in making his authority felt. In 1601, he was captured and sent to the Tower of London, where he died in c.1607.
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James FitzGerald [7th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (James) ... 7th earl of Desmond
James fitz Gerald FitzGerald, 7th earl of Desmond, son of Gerald fitz Maurice FitzGerald and Eleanor, daughter of James Butler.
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James FitzGerald [9th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (James) ... 9th earl of Desmond
James fitz Thomas FitzGerald, became 9th (or 8th) earl of Desmond (1468–1487) after his father Thomas was executed.
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James FitzGerald [11th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (James) ... 11th earl of Desmond
(fl. 1500–1529)
James fitz Maurice FitzGerald, 11th earl of Desmond, was son of his predecessor Maurice fitz Thomas FitzGerald and Ellen Roche.
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James FitzGerald [14th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (James) ... 14th earl of Desmond
(fl. 1530s–1558)
James fitz John FitzGerald, 14th (or 13th) earl of Desmond, son of John fitz Thomas Fitzgerald, de facto 13th (or 12th) earl of Desmond, and More, daughter of Donogh O'Brien of Carrigogunnell.
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John FitzGerald [4th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (John) ... 4th earl of Desmond
(fl. 1377–d. 1399)
John fitz Gerald FitzGerald, 4th earl of Desmond, son of his predecessor Gerald fitz Maurice FitzGerald and Eleanor, daughter of James Butler.
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Maurice fitz Thomas FitzGerald [10th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (Maurice fitz Thomas) ... 10th earl of Desmond
Maurice ‘Bachach’ fitz Thomas FitzGerald, son of Thomas fitz James FitzGerald, 8th earl of Desmond, and Alice Barry, became 10th (or 9th) earl of Desmond after his brother James, the former earl, was killed.
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Maurice FitzGerald [1st earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (Maurice) ... 1st earl of Desmond
first earl of Desmond and justificiar of Ireland, son of Thomas fitz Maurice FitzGerald, who was lord of Decies and Desmond and justiciar of Ireland, and of Margaret daughter of Thomas of Berkeley.
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Thomas FitzGerald [6th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (Thomas) ... 6th earl of Desmond
Thomas fitz John FitzGerald, 6th (or 5th) earl of Desmond, son of John fitz Gerald FitzGerald, 4th earl of Desmond. Since he was still a minor when his father died (1399), his uncle Maurice fitz Gerald took custody of the earldom until Thomas was of age. He acceded in 1401 but was deposed and banished by another uncle, James fitz Gerald, in 1411.
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Thomas FitzGerald [8th earl of Desmond]FitzGerald (Thomas) ... 8th earl of Desmond
Thomas fitz James FitzGerald, 8th (or 7th) earl of Desmond, son of James fitz Gerald FitzGerald and Mary, daughter of Uilleag Burke.
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Flann Sinna mac Maíle SechnaillFlann Sinna mac Maíle Sechnaill
(d. 916)
Flann Sinna;Flann mac Máele Sechnaill
Flann Sinna (‘of the Shannon’), son of Máel Sechnaill mac Máele Ruanaid; was high-king of Ireland from the Clann Cholmáin, the leading branch of the southern Uí Néill.
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Robin FlowerFlower (Robin)
(d. 1946)
Irish scholar.
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Gilla Meic LiacGilla Meic Liac
(d. 1174)
Gelasius ... Gilla Meic Liac
Archbishop of Armagh (consecrated 1137), earlier also abbot or erenagh of Derry (since 1121).
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William HalidayHaliday (William)
Halliday (William)
Irish linguist and jurist, who in 1808 published, as E[dmund] O'C[onnell], a grammar of Irish (Uraicecht na Gaedhilge).
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Sheelagh Helen HarbisonHarbison (Sheelagh Helen)
Medieval historian.
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Françoise HenryHenry (Françoise)
French art historian and archaeologist.
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Antony HickeyHickey (Antony)
(d. 1641)
Hickey (Anthony);Hickey (Diarmuid)
Irish Franciscan friar and theologian.
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Honorius AugustodunensisHonorius Augustodunensis
(fl. 1098–1140)
Honorius Augustodunensis is a medieval theologian and author, active between ca. 1190 and ca. 1140. He is also referred to as Honorius Inclusus or Honorius of Autun. He has written several works, including the Speculum ecclesiae, the Elucidarium, and the Imago mundi. Two of his works (the Elucidarium and the Imago mundi) have been translated into Middle Welsh.
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