Clancy, Thomas Owen (ed.), The triumph tree: Scotland's earliest poetry AD 550–1350, Canongate Classics, 86, Edinburgh: Canongate, 1999.

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The triumph tree: Scotland's earliest poetry AD 550–1350
Translations, with notes. Latin texts translated by Gilbert Márkus, Welsh texts by Joseph P. Clancy, Gaelic and Old English texts by Thomas Owen Clancy, Norse texts by Paul Bibire and Judith Jesch.
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Preface 1
List of contributions 4
Introduction 5
attributed to St Mugint:
Prayer for protection, Latin poem 45
'Aneirin' The Gododdin 46
Prologue(s) to The Gododdin
Taliesin The Battle of Given Ystrad 79
In Praise of Urien 80
The Court of Urien 82
The War-Band's Return 83
The Battle of Argoed Lwyfain 85
In Praise of Rheged 85
The Spoils of Taliesin 87
Plea for Reconciliation 88
Elegy for Owain ab Urien 89
Poems attributed to Taliesin:
In Praise of Gwallawg 91
Elegy for Gwallawg 92
Dinogad's Coat 94
Poems attributed to St Columba:
The High Creator (Altus Prosator) 95
Helper of Workers (Adiutor Laborantium) 100
Prayer for Protection from Lightning (Noli Pater) 101
Dallán Forgaill:
Elegy for Colum Cille 102
Beccán mac Luigdech of Rum:
In Praise of Colum Cille 108
Last Verses in Praise of Colum Cille 111
Gaelic elegiac verses:
On the drowning of Conaing son of Aedán 113
On the death of Mongán son of Fiachna 113
Verses on the Children of Beli son of Nwython:
The Battle of Strathcarron 114
Riagail of Bangor, The Battle of Dunnichen 115
attributed to Adomnán of Iona: Elegy for Bruide son of Bile (Bridei Son of Beli) 115
Prayer to Colum Cille 116
Iona 116
Cú Chuimne of Iona:
Anonymous, On Cú Chuimne 117
On Garbán Mide 117
Hymn for the Virgin Mary (Cantemus in Omne Die) 118
On Almsgiving 120
The Dream of the Rood:
The Ruthwell Cross Crucifixion poem 121
The Dream of the Rood 122
The Miracles of St Nynia the Bishop 126
Hymn for St Nynia the Bishop 140
Gaelic verses on kings of the Picts:
On Óengus, son of Fergus 144
On the death of Cinaed son of Ailpin 145
Gaelic satirical poems:
On Gille-Phádraig 145
On Eithne, daughter of Domnall 145
Earl Turf-Einar of Orkney:
Anonymous: Turf-Einar is praised for killing some pirates 146
Turf-Einar: Avenging his father 146
Orm Barreyjarskald, 'Poet of Barra'
two fragments 148
Hafgerdingadrapa 149
The Death-song for Eirik Bloodaxe (Eiriksmal) 150
The Fall of Rheged
Mugron, abbot of Iona:
In Praise of Colum Cille 158
Christ's Cross 159
The Litany of the Trinity 160
Herfid's Song on the Battle of Clontarf 164
Darradarljod 165
Ottar the Black
On Olaf Haraldsson, King of Norway 168
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