Woordenboek Bretons−Nederlands−Bretons (versie 2014)

Geriadur Brezhoneg–Nederlandeg−Brezhoneg
auteur: Jan Deloof
These files in .doc format are kindly made available to us by Jan Deloof (b. 1930), author, translator and in 2007 recipient of the Priz Roparz Hemon for his many years of commitment to fostering international interest in the Breton language. All files are hosted on Github and can also be downloaded through that site.



Earlier editions
  • Geriadurig brezhoneg-nederlandeg – Woordenboekje Nederlands-Bretons, Fouenant, Breizh: Yoran Embanner, 2004.
  • Electronic edition prepared by Kevin Donnelly: http://brezhoneg.org.uk/deloof