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Text Focaliser: build an index

The Focaliser in a nutshell
The Text Focaliser allows you to add annotations on a microlevel: textual passages can be singled out, described and annotated for their relevance to topics, places and agents, lexical items, literary techniques and other items of interest. The structure that is laid out follows a simple, three-tiered form of organisation: (a) an index page, (b) one or multiple context pages and (c) the items in question.More...

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Text(s):Name of the catalogue entry for which the index is intended.
Particular recension:
Part:On rarer occasions, when texts are rather long and have the character of a compilation (e.g. LGÉ), parts of it are indexed separately in the catalogue.
Sequence numberA single index page usually suffices, in which case you may leave this blank (it default to "1"). When, however, you require more than one index page, it is important that we know their order of appearance. Numerical values only.
Introductory notesOptional. Notes that serve to explain, to the reader, the approaches we're taking and what we're covering or intend to cover. For working notes proper not intended for the general reader, use working notes instead.

Arrange context pages

Determine in advance what context pages will be used to group your items together.

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Simply any notes that you might need to organise your work and plan things in advance.

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