Trefhocul tract

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Middle Irish tract on metrical faults and related matters, attributed to Cináed úa Con Mind and containing many citations from Irish verse.

Manuscript witnesses

Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1339 
rubric: TREfocul   incipit: Can chlóen can rudrach   Annotated poem, cited by Mittelirische Verslehren.
p. 37a–p. 38a
pp. 37a–38a   


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[ed.] Calder, George [ed. and tr.], Auraicept na n-Éces: The scholars’ primer, being the texts of the Ogham tract from the Book of Ballymote and the Yellow book of Lecan, and the text of the Trefhocul from the Book of Leinster, Edinburgh: John Grant, 1917.
CELT – text and introduction: <link> Internet Archive: <link> Septentrionalia.net: <link>
258–269, lines 5056–5415 Edited from LL, with references to D ii 1.
[dipl. ed.] Best, Richard Irvine, Osborn Bergin, and M. A. O'Brien, The Book of Leinster, formerly Lebar na Núachongbála, vol. 1, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1954. 260 pp. + 4 pl.
CELT – edition (pp. 1-260): <link>

Secondary sources (select)

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