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Modern Irish prose tale in which Mis, following the death of her father Dáire, becomes a deranged woman in the wilderness of Slíab Mis and is gradually restored to sanity and to the civilised world through encounters with Dub Ruis (mod. Dubh Rois), harpist to the king of Munster (Feidlimid mac Crimthainn). Dub Ruis employs music, cooked food, a bath and ultimately, sex, to bring about her healing and goes on to marry her. In the two known manuscript copies of the text, the tale serves to introduce an elegiac poem for a patron named Dubh Rois.

Manuscript witnesses

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1. A line in Aogán Ó Rathile; 2. Ó Gnímh's alleged visit to London; 3. A tract ascribed to Keating; 4. O.Ir. dia dam; 5. ar mhaithe le, ar olca le; 6. The prefix ad-; 7. fochair; 8. éiligh; 9. faoidheach; 10. éagm(h)aiseach; 11. cruimther; 12. ní has dó; 13. do chóir, i gcóir; 14. comhra, cófra; 15. trícha, triúcha; 16. earball; 17. ósta; 18. rámha, ruamh, rómhar; 19. Ir. fial, gaol, Welsh gwyl, annwyl; 20. coinneamh, coinne; 21. dámh; 22. cuilche; 23. guardal, guairneán, etc.; 24. Cnoc an Áir; 25. Lost legends of Mis and Dubh Ruis

382–384 [id. 25. ‘Lost legends of Mis and Dubh Ruis’]