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Manuscript witnesses

Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 279 
incl. Latin glosses (CCCC 279), Irish glosses (CCCC 279), Old Breton glosses (CCCC 279)   Collection of excerpts from Exodus, Leviticus (headed Incipit de Levitico, p. 121), Numbers and Deuteronomy. Contains Latin and some Irish glosses and one Old Breton gloss (p. 134.2).
in section: p. 106–p. 155.15
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS lat. 3182 
rubric: Incipiunt verba pauca tam de episcopo quam de presbitero aut de omnibus ecclesie gradibus et de regibus et de mundo et terra   
p. 1–p. 13


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[ed.] Meeder, Sven, “The Liber ex lege Moysi: notes and text”, Journal of Medieval Latin 19 (2009): 173–218.
Based on A, with variants from the other three manuscripts.

Secondary sources (select)

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