Irish grammatical tracts/I

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One of the so-called Irish grammatical tracts. Osborn Bergin, the first (modern) editor, suggested it is later in composition than the other tracts and described it as forming an ‘introductory’ primer to (some of) the other texts, covering as it does “a mass of information on spelling and pronunciation, metrics, the government of prepositions, syntax, nominal composition and derivation [along with an] amount of explanation and commentary”. As the tract fails to address some of the issues it raises at the beginning, it has the appearance of being incomplete.

Manuscript witnesses

Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 24 P 8 
Main manuscript witness.
pp. 3–48   
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1289 
Copy by Tadhg Ó Neachtain.
Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Adv. MS 72.2.2 


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