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A Carolingian compendium of biblical exegesis, written about 820 × 830 by the Benedictine monk Smaragdus of Saint-Mihiel. In addition to citing from established authorities such as Isidore, Augustine and Gregory the Great, the compilation also cites Pelagius and lesser known authors such as Frigulus, who has been claimed to have been an Irish scholar of the early 8th century.


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[ed.] Migne, Jacques-Paul (ed.), Seculum IX. Smaragdi, abbatis monasterii Sancti Michaelis Virdunensis operia, opera omnia, Patrologia Latina, 102, Paris, 1851.
Internet Archive: <link> Gallica: <link> – Transcription, without apparatus: <link>
cols 13–552 Reprint from the text of Caspar Hedio (1536).

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