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Carolingian manuscript containing material relating to Virgil’s life and works as well as to Sedulius’ Carmen Paschale. It appears to have served as a schoolbook and was compiled under the direction of Martin of Laon, who was himself responsible for a substantial number of annotations.

  • s. ix3/4
  • , Martin of Laon
  • Le Mans, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 217
Not yet published.

A manuscript now lost but cited by name in Keating’s Foras feasa Érinn (iii 32) and Dubhaltach Mac Fhir Bhisigh’s Leabhar mór na ngenealach.

  • Leabhar do sgriobh Sioghraidh úa Maolconaire do Roisi ingin Aoda Duibh
  • Leabhar Dubh Molaga
Not yet published.

Lost Irish manuscript of unknown date which according to later colophons, contained a text of Betha Findchua that was copied into the ‘Short book of Ó Buadhacháin’, also lost, and on the basis of the latter, into other manuscripts, including the Book of Lismore.

  • date unknown
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A manuscript now lost but apparently credited as a source for three poems in Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, MS 5100-5104, p. 53, in which Suibne is said to have composed the verse: Tuiccther asin rand sin ⁊ as an dá dhán gurab é Suibhne dorinne iad gé gurab ar Moling chuires as sein-leabhar iad .i. leabhur Murchaid meic Briain, “It is understood from this poem (rann) and from the two poems (dán) that Suibne composed them, although the old book, i.e. the book of Murchad mac Briain, attributes them to Moling”). The manuscript is apparently named for Murchad mac Bríain, i.e. son of Brían Bóruma.

  • Leabhar Ruadh Muimhneach
Not yet published.

A manuscript now lost but used by Mícheál Ó Cléirigh as an exemplar for the Life of Mo Ling in Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, MS 4190-4200, f. 53v: I nAthcliath do scriobad as Leabhur Tighe Molling. Ocus léiccim Moling atá il-Laidin i muinigin na mbrathar Ccléirigh cidh im Cléirich-sa féin .15. juil. 1628 (‘In Dublin (this) has been copied out of the Book of Timulling. And I leave Moling's miracles, which are in Latin, in trust of the friars Clery, though I myself am a Clery, 15 July, 1628’ - ed. and tr. by Stokes).

  • Leabhrán mheic Seaáin Charraigh Í Maonaigh
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A lost Irish manuscript, which is mentioned In the colophon to Aided Nath Í ocus a adnacol in the Lebor na hUidre (Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 E 25).

  • Leeds, Brotherton Library, MS Brotherton 29
  • Leiden, University Library, MS BPL 20
Leiden, University Library, MS BPL 67
Not yet published.
  • c.838
  • Leiden, University Library, MS BPL 87

Manuscript of De nuptiis (9 books), with glossing from two main traditions.

  • s. ix2
Leiden, University Library, MS BPL 88
Not yet published.

Quires 22 (ff. 168-175) and 23 (ff. 176-181) representing an originally separate manuscript and containing Book IX of Martianus Capella's De nuptiis with glosses from the Eriugenian tradition.

  • s. ix?
  • , Anonymous [i²]
Not yet published.

Composite manuscript whose constituent parts have all been dated to the 9th century and assigned an origin in northeastern France (see Bischoff).

  • s. ix
Leiden, University Library, MS BPL 135
  • s. ix2/4
  • Leiden, University Library, MS BPL 2391a
  • Leiden, University Library, MS Bur. Q. 3
  • Leiden, University Library, MS Scaliger 69