Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, MS Vat. lat. 3363
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Early ninth-century copy of Boethius’ De consolatione philosophiae, produced in the Loire region, with glosses added at various periods. The earliest of these are broadly contemporary with the manuscript and were probably added on the continent. At the end of the ninth century (or possibly at the beginning of the next), an insular hand provided the majority of the Latin glosses as well as a Brittonic – Welsh, Cornish or Breton – one (ud rocashaas). A link with the Welshman Asser, author of King Alfred's vita, has been suggested, especially because of William of Malmesbury’s account that Asser helped Alfred with his translation of the Consolatio. Another, later stage in the glossing of the manuscript took place in England (Glastonbury?) during the tenth century.

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