Stockholm, Kungliga biblioteket, MS Vitterhet Engelsk II
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Eska, Charlene M., “A note on National Library of Sweden MS Vitterhet Engelsk II”, North American Journal of Celtic Studies 2:1 (2018): 79–83.  
The sixteenth-century manuscript in the National Library of Sweden, Stockholm, Vitterhet Engelsk II, consists of five vellum folios. The MS contains three main items written in Irish, the first two of which are literary, and a number of later notes on f. 5. The contents and provenance of the MS have been thoroughly described by Stern 1897 and Flower 1926: 323–325, the latter as a result of the fact that a photograph of the MS was made for Whitley Stokes in 1875. Stokes in turn gave the reproduction of the MS to the British Museum in 1897, where it is now BL MS Additional 35090. The purpose of this note is to comment on the scribe of the two literary texts, the glossator of the first literary text, and the legal judgment given at the end of the MS.
Stern, Ludwig Christian, “Die irische Handschrift in Stockholm”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 1 (1897): 115–118.
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Stephens, George, Förteckning öfver de förnämsta brittiska och fransyska handskrifterna uti Kongl. bibliotheket i Stockholm, Stockholm, 1847.
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18–19   “II. Ersisk sägen”
Short description of Stockholm, Kungliga biblioteket, MS Vitterhet Engelsk II, with citations from William Betham.

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